Food Scales


◆1.5-30Kg with 1/3,000-1/30,000 division
◆Ip68 waterproof grade
◆Red LED display
◆Stainless steel housing---safe & sanitation
◆S.S Pan size: 230x190mm



◆Capacity: 1Kgx0.1g/2Kgx0.5g/3Kgx1g
◆Refined appearance,easily portable
◆Excellent properties of anti-overload;
◆backlight with high brightness;
◆The weighing can be tare;
◆four weighting units
◆More fast,more accurate
◆S.S Pan



◆Capacity: 3kg
◆Graduation: 1g
◆Unit changing from gram to oz
◆Stainless steel housing
◆Convenient Tare function
◆Square Stainless Steel outer body
◆Big Luminescent Backlight LCD display
◆Weigh directly onto platform or with the bowl
◆Operates on 4 AAA1.5V battery
◆Item size:21*14.5*4cm